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Double Electric Gate Double Kit for 6m Openings | Roger Technology BE20/410


Aboveground Electric Gate kit | 6m Openings

Complete aboveground gate kit including safety edges, maglock lock kit and a 36v BE20/210 brushless electric gate automation kit up to 3.0m per wing/leaf making this entry level electric gate kit is the perfect solution for bi-folding residential twin gates. 6m opening in total.

The 36v electromechanical brushless motor offers super intensive use with industry leading safety features such as obstacle detection fitted as standard. Thanks to its brushless technology the BE20/410 can automate gates whilst boasting low voltage usage, onboard native encoder, irreversible motors with mechanical stops for opening and closing. Meaning no physical stops are required.

This Package Includes:

✔ Electric Swing Gate Kit (3.0m per leaf)
      - Roger Technology BE20/410 Super Intensive Motor (x2)
      - Edge 1 Control Panel (x1)
      - Remote Controls (x2)
      - Receiver Card, Aerial,  Beacon & 180° Photocells
      - Additional Photocells & Posts

✔ 2m Tecnostop Safety Edge for swing gates (x1)

✔ Mganetic Floor Lock (x1)
      - 250kg Magnetic Lock

      - Z & L Brackets
      - Power Supply & Relay
      - HD Floor Stop, Brackets & pins

Why Use Brushless?

  • Super Intensive Use: Capable of running non-stop.
  • Ideal: For swing gates up to 3.0m per leaf.
  • Safe: The encoder management allows a precise and safe control of slowdown when opening and closing.
  • Practical: Automatic programming, via the learning function of the control unit.
  • Quick: Ease of installation, and start-up due to its simple functions.
  • Strong: Features a sturdy aluminium base treated with anti-corrosive paint and a reliable Roger Brushless motor, mounted in dedicated housings and bearings.
  • Equipped with a release lever and an easy to operate the lock.
  • Convenient: Battery back up available.

£ 1,725.83(Ex £1,438.19)
Item Code & Description
Double Electric Gate Double Kit for 6m Openings
Ex VAT: £1438.19
Additional 2m Safety Edge for swing gates
Ex VAT: £70.89

Click here to download a FREE BE20/410 brochure:


User Guide for the ROGER BE20/410 Brushless Swing Gate Operator
Roger BE20 Brushless Swing gate Operator User Guide

Instruction manual for the Roger  BE20/410  Brushless Swing gate Operator

Roger BE20 Brushless Swing Gate Operator Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual for the Roger EDGE 1 Brushless Swing Gate Control Panel
Roger EDGE 1 Brushless Swing gate Control panel Instruction Manual
mains filter should be fitted on the supply to the control panel.
It reduces mains interference and prolongs the life of the PCB.

If you have wooden gates then we strongly recommend the use of our adjustable bracket set as these commercial grade motors come with standard weld-on brackets.

The Electric Gate Shop is committed to providing safe electric gate solutions.  The Gate Safety Guide runs through the hazards and outlines a code of practice. 

Click the button for the free GUIDE TO GATE SAFETY.
Click to buy 'Certified Gate Safety Edges' and 'Photocell Beams'.
Please call us with any questions.

All automated/electric gate installations need to comply with the European Machinery Directive. A comprehensive guide for this is included with all our kits and is available to view here.

Mr & Mrs Goodwin

The electric gate shop were able to supply everything we needed for our driveway gates and was able to expertly talk us through the technical side of the automation. We would seriously recommend them to anybody looking to automate their gates.

George Owen

I purchased the BE20/210 double twin kit for my driveway gates and i'm really impressed with the equipment. The motors are super quiet and works in all weathers. Very reliable. I installed this motor 5 years ago and still running perfect. The staff at The Electric Gate Shop are very helpful to and provided everything I needed.

Even managed to find a local electric gate installer for me. I will 100% be using them again.

Peter Layne

Absolutely fantastic motor. We only have a small driveway gates thats fully boarded in composite boarding and the BE20 is perfect for the job. We love the function to keep the gates open until we tell them to close and the diagnostics on-board the control panel was a big help when the control panel went down last year. Would fully recommend this electric gate kit.

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