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Push Button - Entry Or Exit Stainless Steel

The Stainless Steel Push Button is perfect for use on either a manual lock system or with gate automation. The design is simplistic and narrow, and can also come as illuminated.
  • Narrow style with fully sealed (potted) IP rated switch
  • Stainless Steel IP rated buttons
  • Can be connected to any of our gate controllers or used for other applications
  • Normally open contacts

Plates can be flipped to either Entry or Exit

 Dimensions including Rain Hood:
 W: 38MM
 L: 95MM
 H (Top): 45MM
 H (Bottom): 40MM
£ 30.38(Ex VAT £25.32)
Item Code & Description
Ex VAT: £25.32
Push Button Mounting Post (1M)
Ex VAT: £37.50
1293 + 1726
Ex VAT: £33.37
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