Frequently Asked Questions ..

We get a lot of questions about the how's and why's of automatic gate installations. We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions.
If your question is not answered here, feel free to send us your question. We will get an answer to you promptly.


 Ask The Experts

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 Simon Jones - Sales / Technical (Left), Gary  Pearson - Technical (Right).



What tools do I need? What materials are not included in your kits?
You need some general tools, but it depends on the kind of automation you choose. Our easy fit instructions indicate the items you must have before you begin the installation.  Please follow the pre installation link for all our downloadable support pages.  Only the screws & wiring to fasten the optional devices (e.g. photocells, warning light, antenna, key switch) are not included in our kits, although we can supply them if required.



Is it possible to automate my existing gate?
Yes. You can install our automatic gate-opening systems on almost all types of gates.  You can order on-line or contact us to discuss your specific needs and to get a free quote.



Where can I buy The Electric Gate Shop products?
You can buy our products direct from us. You can order them on the Internet on this website, by phone/fax, or in person at our premises.  For added security all our card transactions are done off line, and we use the latest secure server to store your details. 



What if I choose the wrong kit?

When you order your kit, if you are not 100% sure, please leave us some approximate gate sizes and weights so we can ensure that the correct kit is chosen.  We will contact you before the order is taken to discuss alternatives if required.  Remember we do not knowingly oversell our kits.  If for instance you decide after purchase you would like the next size up motor, we would be happy to exchange it (within 1 month), for the larger one for the price difference.



How long are your products guaranteed for?
All our automation kits come with a 12-month guarantee. Products bought as spare parts come with 6 months warranty. We cover the warranty personally.  If in the unlikely event, a unit was to fail outside the warranty period, we can repair almost all our products, at a fraction of the new cost.  Remember we have a desire to obtain the highest standards in customer care pre & post sales.



Technical Questions ..



What happens in the event of a power cut?
If you have bought a gate operator equipped with backup battery, it ensures that gates can be opened even in the event of a power failure. If the backup battery is not included, you can buy it direct from The Electric Gate Shop, since the majority of our gate operators can be equipped with it.  On our 230V systems a key is provided to un lock the motor mechanism.