High Speed Brushless Gate Automation

All of the new HIGH SPEED Brushless series from Roger Technology lets you quickly, powerfully and reliably open a gate. The brushless high speed motors are 100% faster compared to the traditional speeds for motors with 230V AC or 24V DC technology. Thanks to the new 24V or 36V digital controllers it has become fast and simple to set different types of accelerations and decelerations during the opening and closing phase of your gate.

Digital Obstacle Detection & Total Safety

The ultra powerful native encoder onboard each brushless high speed motor coupled with the all new brushless motor power control with SENSORED technology, makes it possible to detect any type of obstacle with maximum safety, setting the speed, motor torque, and sensitivity and operator reaction time during the detection phase for possible obstacles.

High Speed Electric Gate Automation

Roger Brushless - BR21/353/HS 36v High Speed Twin Kit

£1489.63 (Inc £1787.55)

Roger Brushless - BR21/353/HS 36v High Speed Single Kit

£951.23 (Inc £1141.48)

Roger Technology AYRON BRUSHLESS 24v Electric Gate Kit - Single

£682.89 (Inc £819.47)

Roger Technology AYRON 24v BRUSHLESS Electric Gate Kit - Double

£1016.26 (Inc £1219.51)