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v2 vulcan spare part motor. the vulcan can also substitute for the came frog a
V2 Vulcan Spare part motor. The Vulcan can also substitute for the Came Frog A
FROM: £224.99
(Ex VAT £187.49)
v2 moov-b300 b400 replacement gate motor
V2 Electronica Replacement MOOV B400, MOOV 400, MOOV B300, MOOV 300
FROM: £169.00
(Ex VAT £140.83)
v2 calypso motor
V2 Calypso 230v motor irreversible electromechanical actuator for swing gates with leaves up to 3m in length.
FROM: £222.60
(Ex VAT £185.50)
230v digital control unit with inverter for 230v three-phase motors.
230V digital control unit with INVERTER for 230V three-phase motors.
FROM: £397.04
(Ex VAT £330.87)