Gate And Door Impact Force Testers
All gate installers who wish to comply with the machinery directive need an impact force tester.

Blue Force Smart

We would highly recommend the use of a force tester that can produce the full documentation that is required to meet the EN12445.  Our choice is the Microtronics Blueforce Smart.  You can view the results on an Android or IOS Apple device.

For a simple onsite measurement of the force relevant to the requirements of EN12445, you could consider a KMG Lite.

Gate / Door Force TesterThe KMG - Lite - Although it offers good value, it is designed to give a quick onsite test, the results are then written down and can be entered into an online tool.

Tip - The trade expectation generally requires a more professional approach when recording results and for this we would use a machine that connects directly to a computer and produces reports with graphical interpretations. Like the Microtronics Blueforce smart or the GTE KMG-2000 G.


Why use a force tester:

It is about limitation of forces in the crush zones of the gate.  If you test a gate and it does not comply, you can fit additional safety to that gate for example safety edges etc.


A gate installer that tests the forces can provide a compliant report showing all forces are within the safe parameters of the machinery directive (If not additional work may be done to bring down the forces).

The Electric Gate Shop Ltd offer impact force testers and a range of reduced price safety edges.

Other types of Electric Gate Force Tester the Speedforce, Blueforce and KMG-2000 G Impact force testers.

Impact Gate Force Test Equipment

Gate Force Tester - Hire

£95.00 (Inc £114.00)

BlueForce Smart Gate Force Tester

£1274.74 (Inc £1529.69)