Why choose Roger Brushless?

The advantages of going 'brushless' will blow you away; from maximum digital control to extra low power consumption, the features below present just a number of benefits over a standard 24V brushed motor.


Reliability & Long Life

  • With no wearing parts in the motor, and bearings instead of brushes, Roger Brushless lasts longer.
  • The safety inversion is controlled by solid-state MOSFET switches and not relays; this enables millions of operations without the need for make and break contacts (which can often fail). Because the motor is light, this inversion can take place in a few milliseconds.
  • Standard encoders can fail, working with a magnet motor however, the Roger Brushless controller can monitor Electromotive Force readings, thus significantly reducing breakdowns.
  • The Electric Gate Shop Ltd are the UK's biggest importer of Roger Brushless, and we are offering free technical backup throughout the installation process.
Constant Running, Constant Power
  • Roger Brushless guarantees no limit of use.
  • The motor maintains its torque at the same value throughout all the speed ranges, this means no more motors lacking power in the slowdown phase.
  • The motor regulates an ambient temperature in all conditions, thanks to its lack of friction.
  • What’s more, ‘brushless’ motors run at 50% lower consumption than standard brushed motors, with no compromise at any running speed.
  • As the motor is digitally controlled with the ability to read up to 40 million calculations a second, the features are almost endless. Can you alter the speed of travel on your motors?
Safety Assured
  • Surge protection is guaranteed with Roger Brushless; all electronics have been developed to ensure a smooth flow, even when running from inverters or generators.
  • With two separate 8k2 control board inputs, brushless motors provide the most responsive obstacle detection on the market.



Straightforward Pricing & Fitting
  • Although brushless motors cost more to produce, Roger have kept their prices low ,in some cases the difference between the brushed and brushless variants are as low as 25 per motor. Considering the difference between brushed and brushless cordless drills is up to 150, Roger offer a brilliantly cost-effective rate.
  • Installation is a breeze, thanks to easy to change parameters, with pre-sets for particular motor types, and auto-programming.
  • What's more, Roger Brushless includes a self-diagnosing test display.
  • At The Electric Gate Shop, we find our customers often want the best, and with this new technology we can offer ultimate satisfaction over any other product or quote.