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We offer a wide range of solar gate systems for above ground and underground use.  All these systems can be battery powered, and the battery charged via a solar panel. Simply add the required solar pack (The same voltage) with any of our low voltage electric gate kit solutions. For extra efficiency we would always recommend using the brushless automation kits as they require a fraction of the energy. Thus making them perfect for solar.

Why Solar Power?

A solar powered gate opener is completely self-sufficient and can work miles away from the nearest mains power.  If your mains power is above 75 metres away there is a significant saving compared to the groundwork and the cost of armoured cable.Slar Powered Gate

Which Solar Panel?

Solar panel technology has advanced over the years and the latest mono-crystalline panels are capable of producing electricity with full cloud cover.  Some people refer to these as moon light panels.  Choosing the right panel is important, our panels have built in diodes to stop them discharging the battery at night.

What else do I need to automate my gates using solar power?

A quality leisure battery is recommended because they withstand being charged and discharged better.  We supply a tried and tested marine battery 75Ah for 12V or 2 x 26AH for 24V.  The battery is protected by a voltage regulator.

Tip - We would highly recommend the  24V Roger Technology Brushless, the brushless motors use approx. half the power of brushed low voltage motors.  This is why the latest cordless tools are brushless.

We are happy to provide a comprehensive quote please call us on 01405785656.

For a full solar gate system you need to pick:  [A] A power plant 12V, 24V or 36v   And   [B] The kit to suit your gate.

Solar Powered Electric Gate Openers

Solar Powered | BE20/210S 24v Electric Farm Gate Kit

£1159.52 (Inc £1391.42)

Solar Powered | BE20/410S 36v Electric Gate Kit

£1317.44 (Inc £1580.93)

12v Solar Power Plant

£295.14 (Inc £354.17)

Solar Powered | BE20/210 BRUSHLESS Double Gate Kit

£1406.52 (Inc £1687.82)

24v Solar Power Plant

£568.87 (Inc £682.64)

36v Solar Power Plant

£626.18 (Inc £751.42)

24v Battery Solar Charging Kit

£188.50 (Inc £226.20)

36v Battery Solar Charging Kit

£265.68 (Inc £318.81)

Solar Powered | BH30/806 24v Sliding Gate Kit 800kg

£1244.87 (Inc £1493.84)

Wolf Smart Battery Charger 2A

£34.13 (Inc £40.96)

Solar Power Single Swing Gate Kit

£437.50 (Inc £525.00)

Solar Power MAXIM Twin Swing Gate Kit

£404.17 (Inc £485.00)

VDS Master PM1/SC 12V Solar Twin Gate Kit

£493.73 (Inc £592.47)