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BlueForce Smart Gate Force Tester


Force measurements taken using BlueForce Smart are stored and displayed on screen, after which the user can transfer stored measurements to the BlueForce software using:
[1] USB cable supplied, or;
[2] in wireless mode (using the accessory plug’n Go! optional).
  • The BlueForce software enables management of tests performed within a client database, with the option of printing out reports with relative graphs.
  • To exploit the SMART characteristics of BlueForce, NFC or Bluetooth functions can be activated (on request) to enable measurements to be taken and then sent directly to devices equipped with these systems.
  • With a standard smartphone, the user can thus view measurements, graphs and all references of the tests to be performed.
  • With the thermal printer FTP (Optional), operators can produce test report printouts on the spot, with no need to use a PC since data can be sent straight from the BlueForce via Bluetooth.

For Android and Windows and Google Phone it is necessary to have the NFC system integrated in your device. Place your smartphone on the back of the BlueForce Smart instrument so you can view your tests with its graphics and parameters.

For Apple iOS devices is necessary to install the BlueForce Smart App available on the Apple Store, then with the Bluetooth enabled device you can view your tests with its graphics and parameters.

After sending the completed test with BlueForce Smart instrument to the smartphone or tablet device, you will see the main page that contains all the main information of the measure made (see second image). Also the technical data of the measures sent, there are useful information such as date/time, calibration expire date, serial number, firmware version. To verify the exactly tests result is possible to the type of closure, and the distances of the points of measurement. Every type of door/closing is represented graphically by a description of the standard EN 12445.
  • There are two kit versions with and without the bluetooth thermal printer.

Optional - Smart enable code enables you to switch on NFC / Bluetooth wireless functions.  When enabled the wireless interface enables the display of tests on a smart phone or tablet.
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