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24v Solar Power Plant
Our 24v Solar Power Plant provides power to gate automation away from a power source.

Kit Contains:
[1] 2 x 12v 50w Solar Panels
[2] Angled Mounting Brackets For Panels
[3] 500mm x 400mm Fibox Fireglass Cabinet Box
[4] Solar Charge Regulator
[5] 2 x 12v 34ah Leisure Batteries

  • The mono-crystalline solar panel charges the battery and the gate kit is battery powered.  Mono-crystalline panels are nicknamed moonlight panels and will give charge to the battery even when there is full cloud cover.
  • A fibreglass box is used as it does not condensate in winter keeping all the electrics in a good safe condition.  A vent must be fitted to avoid the build up of dangerous gases from the battery
  • Because we live in the UK, and the sun is unpredictable (even with all these top components) we developed a solar charging relay.  It works by switching off the safety beams and putting the solar board to stand by, or sleep mode when not in use.  Within a second, and with one press of the remote the control board wakes up, the beams come online and the gate will open.  After a predetermined time 3 - 5 minutes the board goes back to sleep.  Thus saving lots of power. (This part is now integral to the automation pack control panel)
  • Solar charge controller stops the battery from being overcharged.  We only supply pulse width charge controllers PWM, the  Rolls Royce of charge controllers.
  • We use 2 x 26ah marine leisure battery that will give a long trouble free service.  The size of battery and Ah have been carefully chosen to give maximum storage capacity paired with optimum charging.
  • Our solar control board has been chosen for its low power consumption and reliability.

Our solar customers include the ECO centre cambridge, Schools, Farm Estates including in the North of Scotland, Haulage Yards etc.

All solar panels should be facing due south to track the winter sun with the least amount of shade for optimum performance. No guarantee is made that intervening charging won’t be necessary for any particular purpose when applied.

The Electric Gate Shop are committed to providing safe electric gate solutions.  The Gate Safety Guide runs through the hazards, and outlines a code of practice. 
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All automated / electric gate installations need to comply with the European Machinery Directive. A comprehensive guide for this is included with all our kits, and is available to view here.
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24v Solar Power Plant
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Instruction Manual for the Fibox CAB P
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