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Roger Technology R90/F4ES Photocells
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Pair of external photocells synchronized 24V AC/DC (max. 4 pairs).
  • The external photocells R90/F4ES are presence detectors synchronized, with infra-red technology powered by 24V AC/DC, which allow obstacles to be detected which are present on the optical axis between the transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX), can be used for automatic inputs.
  • These sensors are intended for installations with mounting surfaces which are flat and parallel to each other, which permit a proper centring between the TX photocell and the RX photocell.
  • Moreover, they allow the synchronisation of a maximum number of 4 pairs of photocells.

Protection level:    IP55
Standard power:    24V ac 50Hz - 24V dc
Absorption:    TX 18 mA - RX 27 mA
Maximum distance in open field:    10 - 15m
Relay contacts max current:    0.5A RX
Relay contacts max voltage:    30V
Operating temperature:    -20+55°C
Installation Type:    External
Maximun number of
photocells synchronized:   

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Roger Technology R90/F4ES Photocells
Ex VAT: £42.00
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