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PG300 - Swing Garage Door Opener

PG300 24V Swing Garage Door Motor Kit

The PG300 From Italy is the perfect answer for automating garage doors. The PG300 24V Garage Door Automation Motor provides a strong and reliable automation with intelligent design. The small box is unobtrusive and extremely quiet.

The gearbox itself is fully cast aluminium and so free from corrosion, also including permanent grease lubrication. The outer case is also made from galvenised steel.

The box is easy to fit and can be located at the top of the door so as not to be intrusive.  It is fully supported by bearings keeping noise to a minimum and integrating slowdown at open and close as well as autoreverse on obstacle detection.

Kit includes:
2 x Motors and Brackets
1 x Control Board
2 x Gate Remotes
1 x Pr Safety Photocells
1 x Keyswitch as a backup
Working Light.

Max Weight of Leaf 300kg
Max usage - 20 cycles / hour
Max opening angle - 90 degrees
Max torque - 400 Nm
Dimensions - LxWxH 160x394x118

The Electric Gate Shop are committed to providing safe electric gate solutions.  The Gate Safety Guide runs through the hazards, and outlines a code of practice. 
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All automated / electric gate installations need to comply with the European Machinery Directive. A comprehensive guide for this is included with all our kits, and is available to view here.

A mains filter should be fitted on the supply to the control panel.
It reduces mains interference and prolongs the life of the PCB.

£ 750.00(Ex VAT £625.00)
Item Code & Description
PG300 - Swing Garage Door Opener
Ex VAT: £625.00
Instruction manual for the From PG300 Folding Gate Motor
From PG300 Folding Gate Motor manual

Instruction manual for the 207/C Control Panel
ELBE 207C 12 / 24V Control Board Manual
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