Faac 844 R Reversible Motor

Faac 844 R Reversible, gearmotor for sliding gates with max weight of 1000kg

  • The FAAC 844 REV screw gearmotor is reversible:when no power is supplied to the motor, the sliding leaf can always be moved manually.
  • An electric lock must be installed to maintain the gate in a closed position.
  • The special twin-disk anti-crushing clutch, in an oil-bath, enables thrust adjustment from 0 to 68 daN.
  • Constant, complete oil-bath lubrication of mechanical components plus assembly in a high resistance pressure cast aluminium body ensure a very long life.
  • Minimised maintenance.


£ 750.00(Ex VAT £625.00)
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Faac 844 R Reversible Motor
Ex VAT: £625.00
Instruction Manual for the Faac 844 Sliding Gate Motor
Faac 844 Sliding Gate Motor Instruction Manual
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