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Gate Hinge | 40mm Gate Hinges & Back Plate

The Combi Arialdo top hinge is to be used in-line with the Combi Arialdo 861G.50/40 Square Joint

Ideal for gates that will have underground automation. As this allows you to achieve the required 67mm from the centre point of the gate hinge pin to the surface of the post whilst also reducing the distance between the gate and the pillar making for more of an efficient & secure swing.

The bracket to be used with a piece of welded tube or with the pin inserts below:

The 861G.50/40 50x50 Square Joint welds to the pivot point of the gate whilst the top hinge replaces the highest hinge. Suits 50x50mm Box Section Gates

Hinge & Backplate Dimension:
A: 52mm
B: 40mm
C: 48.5mm
D: 40mm
Backplate: 120mm x 120mm

Box Section Pin Dimensions:
A: 50mm
B: 45mm
C: 10mm
ØD: 39mm
L: 65mm
£ 43.39(Ex VAT £36.16)
Item Code & Description
857/27 Gate Hinge 40mm Single Gate Hinges & Back Plate
Ex VAT: £36.16
3178 x2
857/27 Gate Hinge 40mm Double Gate Hinges & Back Plate
Ex VAT: £72.32
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