Roger Technology H70/200AC/BOX Control Board

Roger Control Panel H70/200AC
For swing gate automation to the following specification:
Power:    230V ac +/- 10% 50 Hz
Protection level:    IP54
Operating temperature:    -10+55 C°
Max flashing light charge:    40W (12-230V ac/dc)
N. motors activated:    2 asynchronous monophase
Max power per motor:    600W 230Vac
Max courtesy light charge:    100W (12-230V ac/dc)
Max power gate open light:    2W 24Vac
Max voltage accessories output:    350mA 24Vac (500mA 24Vcc)

An advanced mode which allows you to take advantage of all the features and the wide range of programs are offered by the unit. This then allows you to configure each single output with different programmable features.

Inputs for safety rib edges NC and 8k2

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Roger Technology H70/200AC/BOX Control Board
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