BFT STOPPY B 200/700 Double Bollard Kit
BFT Stoppy electromechanical automatic bollard double kit.

Double Bollard Kit includes:

Stoppy B 200/700 Double Bollard (x2)
Lighting Crown (x1)
Perseo Control Panel - Inc Receiver (x1)
BFT Mitto Remotes (x2)

Stoppy B 200/700
Recommended control panel: Perseo CBE 230.P SD
Slowdown: Yes
Locking: Electric Brake
Frequency of use: Semi-intensive
Operating temperature (Min): -20°c
Operating temperature (Max): +60°c
Protection rating:IP67
Type of limit switch: Reed magnetic sensor
reak-in proof: 60000j
Impact resistance: 6000j
Manual cycle: Reversible in the absence of voltage
Rod height: 700mm
Rod diameter: 200mm
Opening or closing time: 9 seconds
£ 4,449.48(Ex VAT £3,707.90)
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BFT STOPPY B 200/700 Double Bollard Kit
Ex VAT: £3707.90
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