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VDS Twin 1000kg Sliding Gate Kit
1000kg Intensive Use Twin Sliding Gate Kit


Motor-reducer 1000 Kg. Oil immersed motor.
Oil sight glass.
Mechanical end stop, unblocking by key and release lever.
12 m per minute speed (standard art. no. UNI 8612).
Mechanical friction for 1000 kg .
M4 - Z16 gear.
230 Vac - 50 Hz supply.
Weight 13 Kg

Kit Contains:
[1] and [2] 2x 1600kg Intensive Use Motor & Ground Plate
[3] H70/200AC/Box Control board complies to latest safety requirements
[4] Surface mounted Big1F photocells
[5] Keyswitch
[6] Warnig beacon
[7] Aerial 433mhz
[8] 2x E80-2 button remotes
[9] 6x 1m steel rack
+ Limit switches
+ The new control PCB can have a plug in CCE wireless receiver for safety edge
+ Easy fit instructions
£ 960.00(Ex VAT £800.00)
Item Code & Description
VDS Twin 1000kg Sliding Gate Kit
Ex VAT: £800.00
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