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Why Roger Brushless High Speed

Reliability & Long Life

  • With no wearing parts in the motor, and bearings instead of brushes, Roger Brushless lasts longer.
  • The safety inversion is controlled by solid-state MOSFET switches and not relays; this enables millions of operations without the need for make and break contacts (which can often fail). Because the motor is light, this inversion can take place in a few milliseconds.
  • Standard encoders can fail, working with a magnet motor however, the Roger Brushless controller can monitor Electromotive Force readings, thus significantly reducing breakdowns.
  • The Electric Gate Shop Ltd are the UK's biggest importer of Roger Brushless, and we are offering free technical backup throughout the installation process.

Constant Running, Constant Power

  • Roger Brushless guarantees no limit of use.
  • The motor maintains its torque at the same value throughout all the speed ranges, this means no more motors lacking power in the slowdown phase.
  • The motor regulates an ambient temperature in all conditions, thanks to its lack of friction.
  • What’s more, ‘brushless’ motors run at 50% lower consumption than standard brushed motors, with no compromise at any running speed.
  • As the motor is digitally controlled with the ability to read up to 40 million calculations a second, the features are almost endless. Can you alter the speed of travel on your motors?

High Speed Electric Gate Automation

roger brushless - br21/354/hs 36v high speed twin kit
Roger Brushless - BR21/354/HS 36v High Speed Twin Kit
FROM: £1449.44
(Ex VAT £1207.87)
roger brushless - br21/354/hs 36v high speed single kit
Roger Brushless - BR21/354/HS 36v High Speed Single Kit
FROM: £957.71
(Ex VAT £798.09)