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Electric Gate Lock Kit [A]

Full magnetic lock kit with floor locking for twin electric gates.  Can be used with wooden and metal gates. The best locking solution available.
If you are going to fit a lock to your gate, it is important that you fit a ground lock and an electric lock to prevent anyone pushing in the centre and springing the lock out.

  • Mechanical floor locking using 19mm locking pins.
  • 300 kg holding force magnetic lock.
  • Z & L Brackets.

Kit Contains:
[1] Floor interlocking device (left or right).
[2] Fully adjustable pin and bracket kit (8mm Bracket)
[3] Door Loop
[4] 300kg Maglock and Z & L Bracket
[5] VHLR - Relay
[6] 2.5amp Lock Power Supply

Item Code & description
KITMAG1028 Electric Gate Magnetic Lock Kit [A]
£225.00 Ex VAT: £187.50
Instruction Manual for the Soca GL200 Mag Lock
Soca 250kg Magnetic Lock Manual
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