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Electric Gate Lock Kit [A]

Full magnetic lock kit with floor locking for twin electric gates.  Can be used with wooden and metal gates. The best locking solution available.
If you are going to fit a lock to your gate, it is important that you fit a ground lock and an electric lock to prevent anyone pushing in the centre and springing the lock out.

Can be mounted on the left or right side as this product isn't handed.

  • Mechanical floor locking using 19mm locking pins.
  • 300 kg holding force magnetic lock.
  • Z & L Brackets.

Kit Contains:
[1] Floor interlocking device (left or right).
[2] Fully adjustable pin and bracket kit (8mm Bracket)
[3] Door Loop
[4] 300kg Maglock and Z & L Bracket
[5] VHLR - Relay
[6] 2.5amp Lock Power Supply

£ 225.00(Ex VAT £187.50)
Item Code & Description
Electric Gate Lock Kit [A] 250kg
Ex VAT: £187.50
Electric Gate Lock Kit [B] 500kg
Ex VAT: £215.00
Instruction Manual for the Soca GL200 Mag Lock
Soca 250kg Magnetic Lock Manual
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