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Electric Sliding Gates Automation

Electric sliding gates kits are designed to make an existing sliding gate open and close automatically.  A flat gear or rack attaches to the side of the gate and the pinion gear on the motor winds the gate open and closed.

Choosing an electric sliding gate kit system can be split into 3 Stages.
Wooden Sliding Gate
  [1] Hardware - Hardware kit to make your gate a sliding gate, e.g rollers, floor  track etc.

  [2] Automation - Choose a kit below to make an existing sliding gate move automatically.
  [3] Safety - Add safety edges to make the gate safe.

We are happy to provide a comprehensive quote with all the elements please call us on 01405785656.

On larger sliding gates above 1000kg in weight,  we recommend the Roger Technology Brushless motors, we appreciate they cost a little more, but the magnet based Brushless motors generate no heat and minimal friction, they offer a true non-stop operation.

Electric Sliding Gate Layout and Cable Plan

Sliding Gates Kits