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Daitem wireless door phones are wireless from the gate to the property and although they are at a premium price, the time and fuss saved laying hardwired systems make them a very cost effective option.  Typical range 150m.

It is possible to increase the range of the unit by extending the wire between the call station and the transmitter box.  You can buy with the confidence that if you are not satisfied with the reception you can return the unit to us for a full refund.

All our wireless intercoms come with instructions on how to integrate them to open doors, locks and automatic gates.  These three function units will operate a main set of gates and an electric lock like our Viro V90 at the same time.

GSM Door Phones

A truly wireless intercom that knows no range limit.  Its only limiting factor is having a mobile signal at your gate and deep pockets....

Wireless Intercoms
aes predator wifi abk intercom.
AES Predator WiFi ABK intercom.
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FROM: £972.00
(Ex VAT £810.00)
battery back up for daitem sc200 control unit
Battery Back Up For Daitem SC200 Control Unit
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FROM: £27.30
(Ex VAT £22.75)
additional handset for daitem wireless door phone systems.
Additional Handset for Daitem wireless door phone systems.
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FROM: £155.00
(Ex VAT £129.17)
daitem d5131 handset for daitem wireless doorphones
Daitem D5131 handset for Daitem Wireless Doorphones
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FROM: £180.00
(Ex VAT £150.00)
daitem / logisty d5821 / l5821 keypad caller unit single dwelling
Daitem / Logisty D5821 / L5821 Keypad caller unit single dwelling
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FROM: £125.00
(Ex VAT £104.17)