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The Electric Gate Shop we supply a wide range of gate automation motors for underground use.

Factors affecting underground gate opener choice and our expert opinions

All our motors have solid steel gears as standard, and for a long life zinc plated boxes not powder coated.

We have a no nonsense approach to specifying, and customers who purchase from us should get a system that should work their gates trouble free for many years.

Water Drainage

Tip - Almost all underground electric gate motors require adequate drainage or a soak away, although the Sub 180 is a fully sealed unit, also the Sub Motor is oil immersed for long life. There is also the R21/351/SUB which is a submersive sealed unit.

Our favourite, Roger Technology Underground BR21/362 Gate Kit, it has proved to be the most reliable. The on board encoder ensures excellent obstacle detection.  The Brushless magnet motors are noiseless, generate no heat or friction and have a non-stop running ability.  To top it off they have solid state switches instead of relays for the ultimate in relibility, and if that isn't enough they have a second bearing and can carry up to a ton in weight, and come pre wired with 10m of cable on each motor.  For the cherry on the cake,  add battery back up.

For expert advice on any of our underground electric gate kits dont hesitate to call our sales team on 01405 785656.

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Underground Electric Gate kits