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UNIVERSAL Garage / Gate Remote Control Receiver
A two channel stand alone radio receiver and aerial suitable for external use. It can be used to operate one or two separate garage doors etc, or where garage and gate remotes have become lost or obsolete. 
Coupled with modern stylish remotes available in two versions, and complete with very easy to fit instructions and free technical help.
Specifications. Key ring size mini-transmitters, 100m Max range Button lock Self learning Tough ABS casing Two years battery life .  Proper switches not the cheaper touch sensitive panel.  The receiver takes 2 wires 12DC or 24VAC which can usually be found within the system you are coupling to, then 2 wires connected to the entry/exit point (START Terminals of your system) or you can use a separate 3 pin plug in type power supply if you prefer, then simply connect the output connection to your entry/exit button or key switch point of the device you are controlling. 

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1622 + 1452
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