TAU 250TX02E 250TC04E

JANE Q Low-Frequency (26.995Mhz - 40.685Mhz) - CLONE / COPYING remote.
Replaces old and obsolete remote models.

JANE Q Remote Clones
TAU 250TX02E, 250TC04E
40.665 MHZ

Compatibility tested using the latest equipment.  Checks frequency, code type, power and the match to original remote.

Jane Q remote.
Quartz enabled frequency.
26.995 - 40.685 Mhz
Supports 1-4 devices
Long battery life.
Recessed buttons.
Durable casing.
Made in Europe.
£ 30.00(Ex VAT £25.00)
Item Code & Description
1558 + 1569
TAU 250TX02E 250TC04E
Ex VAT: £25.00
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