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Stainless Steel Keypad & Proximity Reader
Programmable access control keypad with proximity 1000 user

The DK 2882 is a self-contained access control keypad, with two relay outputs. This keypad is designed to be vandal resistant and it is also weatherproof. It combines the functions of a digital keypad and proximity EM card reader in one unit.

It is also an access control card reader providing of 26 bits Wiegand data output from reading of an EM Card and 34 bits data output from the entry of an PIN/code.

It is an ideal access control keypad mainly for Door Strike and Alarm Arm-disarm control. It is also a programmable industrial timer (with the timing of 1 second to over 24 hours) for Automatic Operator systems.

  •     Indoor or outdoor installation
  •     Stand Alone or Inter-lock system built-in with all the required control logics
  •     Controls Going in with PIN and/or Card; and Going out with programmable egress button
  •     Built-in Tamper Switch
  •     Heavy duty 1.5mm stainless steel faceplate
  •     Die-casting metal back-lit keyboard with dual brightness levels
  •     Vandal resistant and weatherproof (IP-66)
  •     Data I/O port for Up-grading the system to Split-decoded operation with the optional Controller with optional RF Remotwe Control
  •     26 bit standard Wiegand data output from reading of EM cards
  •     34 bit Wiegand data output on PIN / code entry
  •     Three outputs controlled by independent groups of codes / PINs / Cards
  •     Programmable Timers for Door Strike, Alarm Arm-disarm Control or Industrial Automatic Operators
  •     Operating Voltage : 12V-24V DC, Auto adjusting
  •     Operating Current : 75mA (quiescent) to 145mA (three relays active)
  •     Operation Temperature : -20 C to + 70 C
  •     Environmental Humidity : 5-95% relative humidity non-condensing
  •     Working Environment & Ingress Protection : All weather, IP-66
  •     Number of Users:
  •         Output 1 : 1,000 (PINs and/or Cards) + 50 Duress Codes
  •         Output 2 : 100 (PINs and/or Cards) + 10 Duress Codes
  •     Proximity Card : Standard EM Card or Keyfob, 125Khz
  •     Number of Visitor Codes : 50, programmable for one time or with the time limit
  •     Timings for Code Entry and Card Reading:
  •         10 seconds waiting for next digit entry
  •         30 seconds waiting for code entry after card reading
  •     The Timers:
  •         Three 1:99,999 Seconds (Over 24 Hours possible) Independent Programmable Timers for O/P 1, 2 & 3
  •         Egress Button:
  •         Programmable for Instant, Delay with Warning and/or Alarm, Momentary or Holding Contact for the Exit Delay
  •         Input Sensing Terminals : a) Door position, b) Egress, c) O/P 1 inhibit
  •         Output Control Terminals : Transistor Open Collector 24VDC/100mA sink Max for the following
  •         outputs. a) Duress, b) Alarm, c) Key Active, d) Output 3 (Door Bell version only), e) Inter-lock
  •     Output Contact Ratings:
  •         Output Relay 1 : N.C. & N.O. dry contacts, 5A/24VDC Max.
  •         Output Relay 2 : N.C. & N.O. dry contacts, 1A/24VDC Max.
  •         Tamper Switch : N.C. dry contact, 50mA/24VDC Max.
  •     Dimensions : 156(H) X 103(W) X 50/70(D)mm
  •     Weight : 1.03Kg net
  •     Housing : Anodized steel, powder paint coating outer box & plastic inner box
  •     Faceplate Material : 1.5mm stainless steel

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