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Roger Technology R99 SUB Twin Kit

Roger R99 SUB Kit - For Double Gates

Features steel cut gears for long life, maintenance free motors.
Electro-mechanical reduction gear for swing gates up to 3.5m in width. the sturdy die-cast aluminium housing has been structurally designed to withstand the high forces involved. When installed it is totally concealed inside the foundation box.
The kit uses a hot dipped, galvanised foundation box with internal opening and closing limit switches.

Click here to download a FREE Roger Mains brochure (R21/351/SUB Page 33):

Kit Contains:
[1] 2 x R99 SUB 230v Motors
[2] 2 x Heavy Duty galvanised foundation boxes
[3] 1 x Control Panel with slowdown
[4] 2 x Remote Controls
[5] 1 x Working Light
[6] 1 x Keyswitch
[7] 1 x Aerial
[8] 1 x Pair of Safety Photocells

The Electric Gate Shop are committed to providing safe electric gate solutions.  The Gate Safety Guide runs through the hazards, and outlines a code of practice. 
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All automated / electric gate installations need to comply with the European Machinery Directive. A comprehensive guide for this is included with all our kits, and is available to view here.

A mains filter should be fitted on the supply to the control panel.
It reduces mains interference and prolongs the life of the PCB.
£ 895.00(Ex VAT £745.83)
Item Code & Description
Roger Technology R99 SUB Twin Kit
Ex VAT: £745.83
Instruction manual for the 909/B Control Board
ELBE 909A / 909B Control Panel Manual

Instruction Manual for the Roger FU100 Foundation box
Roger FU100 Foundation Box Instruction Manual
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