Profix Wireless Band 1.0 Transmitter & Receiver

Wireless transmission system for resistive and mechanical safety edges. The system consists of one transmitter and one receiver.                                             

- 1 Output channel
- 14 transmitters per receiver
- 2 years battery life
- IP55
- 100m Range

Technical specification:

Receiver supply voltage: 12/24 AC/DC
Transmitter supply voltage: 2x lithium battery 3V DC type
Battery life: 2 years
Receiver memory: 14 transmitters
Receiver output: Relay, micro disconnection 1B
Receiver power consumption: 0.5 W-12V / 1.2 w 2 - 24v
Protection class (IEC 60529): IP55
Frequency channels: 868.95 Mhz & 869.85Mhz
Range:  100m
Transmitter power consumption:  Transmitting 17mA / Stand by 16uA
Reaction time:  60ms
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