Videx GSM PRO 1 Way 4G Intercom & Keypad | Silver

Videx GSM PRO Intercom System GSM4KCR-1S

GSM Intercom that comes with freedom. Answer calls from your gate from any telephone number to never miss an important call. With the capability of up to 50 call buttons and the ability to divert to additional numbers if the first is busy or unanswered.

The programming is carried out via SMS messaging or via a PC using a micro USB connection. (Software not included). Powered by 12-24v AC/DC with auxiliary inputs and outputs and dry contact relays.

Intercom Access Features:

✔ Dail to open
✔ Proximity Tags
✔ Mobile App

Event log that is maintained from within the entry panel and can be integrated via a USB port with the PC software (Software sold seperately) making installation and programming a very simple process.

Additional features including integrated proximity access (for up to 1000 users) and call progress announcement both verbally and with four call progress LED's.

Videx GSM Mobile App & Proximity Access:

Every VIDEX GSM system now comes with an easy to use mobile app. This new app simplifies programming and usability for both end users and installers. Available for iOS and Android devices, the app allows you to program the GSM intercom system by automatically creating the SMS messages.

The app is a great addition to the Videx GSM product range, enhancing the features while also providing a convenient way to manage and operate the system.

Features include the ability to activate the door or gate either for the programmed time or to latch and unlatch it. This can be done via text message or dialling using the dial to open feature. You can also add and modify numbers called, the dial to open numbers, access codes including temporary access codes for one-time visitors, as well as proximity tags that are used to open the gate or door.

Up to 10 GSM intercoms can be stored in the app. Settings such as master code, telephone number, call button telephone numbers and free access settings are all stored to save the user time while using the app. An advanced version of the app will also be available soon with even more features for the installer or managing agent of the system.

GSM PRO Datasheet:

VIDEX GSM PRO 4000 Series Datasheet

GSM PRO Manual:

VIDEX GSM PRO 4000 Series Manual

Videx GSM Intercom Features:

Feature PRO
Call Buttons Up to 50
Telephone Numbers per Button 4
Dial to Open Numbers 1000
Integrated Proximity Access Up to 1000
Voice Annunciation
Call Progress LED's ✔ 4
Programming SMS / USB
Push to Exit Input ✔ 1
Auxiliary Inout ✔ 2
Auxiliary Open Collector Outputs ✔ 2
Lock Voltage Dry Contact Relay
Inout Voltage 12-24v AC/DC
Event Log 4000 Events
USB Port Micro
Timebands 1
Print Page