GIBIDI TOP291 Hydraulic 230v BAC Electric Gate Kit - Double

Hydraulic Electric Gate Kit - Double

Hydraulic operators in 230 Vac, for swinging gates of medium and big dimensions and weight, both for residential and heavy use.
Easy To Install
TOP is pre-charged and adjusted in our factory, ready to be used, no blow-down valve or oil to level. Fixing brackets included.
Silent & Fast
Extremely silent. Available also with fast hydraulic pump, for whom wants to extremely reduce opening and closing times.
TOP is built with a sole technology, the vacuum loading does not leave any air residues inside, that means no condensation or emulsion. The coupling pump-distributor is without seals. A unique system, that will remain unchanged in time.

Hydraulic Electric Kit Contents:

[1] Gibidi Domino Remote Controls (x2)
[2] Gibidi AU02910 Receiver
[3] Gibidi Top T291 BAC Hydraulic Ram
[4] FES 180° Safety Photocells
[5] Gibidi BA230 Control Panel


Hydraulic Gate Motor Features include:

  • Max leaf width: 3.5m (When installed with a lock)
  • Motor Power Supply: 230V
  • Motor Speed: 10 mm/s
  • Low Power Consumption: 170W
  • Motor Style: Irreversible (BAC)

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