Roger Technology Bionik BI/004 36v BRUSHLESS Automatic Barrier Kit

The Brushless Bionik 36V barrier is a super intensive barrier that has a boom of up to 4 metres and a built-in digital control panel with the onboard encoder. Perfect for a high intensive use carpark or controlled area.

The Brushless Bionik 36V DC super intensive barrier has a boom of up to 4 metres and a built-in digital control panel with on board encoder. We use Brushless because it’s robust and elegant, for the access to condominiums, commercial premises, industrial sites and residential areas.

The Bionik is the entry barrier model from Roger Technology with digital processing due to its 36VBrushless motor with a permanent magnetic field. The Bionik support and protection arm is made from die-cast aluminium, directly connected to the reducer via a special system for pre-reducing the mechanical stress of the mechanical boom movement and is continually monitored in all positions with its absolute encoder.

Kit Contains
1) Roger Technology 4m Bionik BI/004 Barrier
3) 2E80/TX52R/R Remote Control (x2)
4) H93 Receiver for above
5) Roger Technology M90 180° Photocells
6) 433Mhz Aerial
    AG/SP61 Spring Standard - Please see barrier PDF for spring size guide
2) 4m Barrier Boom - Sold Separately To Length

Optional Extras:
7) Skirt for Barrier Boom
8) Fixed End Rest With Magnetic Suction Cup
9) Fixed End Rest

    AG/SP48 Spring - Include when fitting booms up to 2.8m
    AG/SP72 Spring - Include when fitting boom end rest or skirt
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Thanks to the absolute encoder and the 4095 pluses per motor revolution. the BIONIK Brushless barrier knows it position accurate to mm’s. Thus making obstacle detection achievable on all booms up to 8m. Making it we believe to be among the safest barriers on the market. Selling like hot cakes is the word. Ask our sales team for more details. UK wide delivery from stock.

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The revolutionary three-phase Brushless motor allows unlimited use of the barrier and has ultra-low power consumption. The gear motor is a mechanical jewel made entirely of aluminium, steel and bronze. All the helical gears are cut with a 15° tilt, assembled on top quality bearings and inserted in perfectly machined seats to guarantee the absolute precision of the gear axes.

The barrier kit contains the barrier box/motor, spring, receiver, two remotes and a set of photocells, the boom/arm comes separately. As always an arsenal of accessories from lighting kits, skirts and supports.

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