BENINCA HEADY24 Control Panel

The BENINCA HEADY24 Control Panel.

HEADY24 Control Panel

• 24 Vdc control panel for 1 or 2 motors ideal for swing gates. To be used on 24 Vdc motors of the BOB2124,BOB3024,BILL24 ranges
• Easy to install thanks to the built-in display
• Anticrushing safety function with amperometric sensor
• Simplified operating logics and operating parameters
• Self-configuration of operating parameters
• Slowing-down function during opening and closure
• Removable terminal boards
• It comes with built-in 433.92 MHz 64-code radio receiver (programmable code/variable code)
• Inputs to connect the encoder or opening and closing limit switch for each motor
• Inputs for single-step, pedestrian and stop buttons
• Presetting for serial controls auxiliary card
• Possibility of viewing the number of actual manoeuvres
• Programming access password
• It can be operated with the KSUN solar kit

A mains filter should be fitted on the supply to the control panel.
It reduces mains interference and prolongs the life of the PCB.
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