Roger Brushless BR20/500 Spare motor parts

Roger Brushless BR20/500 24v spare motor parts

Items highlighted in orange are stocked items, others can be ordered in. Please call for availability.

The below is a list of parts that can be purchased, the number in the square brackets relates to the number in the picture.

[1] RS15 Main cover for R20
[2] RS17 Inside Motor support for R20
[3] RS13 Fixing for release handle system for R20
[4] RS633 Ecentric for Release System
[6-7] RL658 Release Key
[9] RS394 Cover Scuttle Lock Neutral
[16] RS40 Rear Plate 4 Holes
[21-22] RS32 End Plate Assembly for R20
[23] RS37 End Cap for R20
[24] RS16 Middle Ring for R20
[27+28] RS416 Pocket Bearings for Electric Motor (V.3) R20 Series - 6003
[29] RS426 Radial Seal 17x28x6 NBR Pocket 5pcs
[30] RS430 Garnish for Motor Shaft H30 M30 Pocket 5pz
[31] RS417 Top Motor Support (V.3) for R20
[32] RS512 Release Pin 7x54 R20 E20 Pocket 5pcs
[33] RS74 Release Pin D.6 L27.5 F2.6
[34] RS625 Release Spring De7 R20 BE20 Pocket 5pc
[37] RS18 Bearings Pocket 5pcs
[38] RS19 Bearings Pocket 2pcs
[39] RS20 Gear Z30 Mod.1.25 for R20
[45] RS38 Lower Cover for R20
[46] RS39 Wiring Cover for R20
[53] RS53 Fixing Screws Pocket 5pcs
[54] RS50 Fixing Screws for Wiring Cover Pocket 10pcs
[55] RS51 Fixing Screws for Lower Cover Pocket 10pcs
[58] RS46 Fixing Screws Pocket 5pcs
[59] RS47 Fixing Screws Pocket 5pcs
[61] RS45 Fixing Screws Pocket 10pcs
[62] RS52 Fixing Screws Pocket 10pcs
[77] RS42 Long Stay Bolts M5 for R20
[78] RS22 Long Worm Screw for R20
[85] RS527 Long Aluminium Extrusion for BR20 and R20/500MS
[86] RS603 Motor SHaft Brushless BR20
[87] RS604 Stator 110x64.6 H20 Series BR20
[89] RS602 Cover Scuttle Lock Brushless
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