V2 Phoenix Clone Remote Jane Top-A

This remote is no longer available, it has been replaced by the SICE WhyEVO which can be found here: https://www.theelectricgateshop.co.uk/SICE-Why-Evo-Multi-Cloning-Remote

For a cheaper alternative, the TX Autoscan: https://www.theelectricgateshop.co.uk/TX-Autoscan-433Mhz-Self-Learning-Remote

JANE TOP-A 433.920 MHZ - CLONE / COPYING remote.

Replaces old and obsolete remote models.

JANE TOP-A Remote Clones
V2 Phoenix
433.920 MHZ

Compatibility tested using the latest equipment.  Checks frequency, code type, power and the match to original remote.

Jane TOP-A remote.
Auto frequency scan.
Supports 1-4 devices
Long battery life.
Recessed buttons.
Rubberized durable casing.
Made in Europe.
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