FES180 Electric Gate Hardwired Safety Photocells 12-24V

Outdoor safety photocell with modulated infrared
We use photocells on electric gates inbetween the posts of the gates and over the swing of the electric gates. The 180 degree rotating infrared photocells are to protect the gates and physical obstructions close to the gates such as vehicles.

The photocells are covered with a shielded panel to protect the photocell from physical interferences and and weather protection.

The FES 180 photocells can pivot on a 180 degree axis for the installers convience. This means the photocell can be mounted onto an uneven wall or post and can still send a straight infared beam across the drive.

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How A Photocell Works On An Electric Gate
A photocell is a light-dependent safety sensor that will prevent an electric gate opening or closing onto a vehicle if opened when obstructed. When the beam is broken/ a vehicle has parked in the path of the gate, the photocells send a signal to the electric gate control board to stop the gates.

This prevents the gate from opening or closing onto a parking vehicle or anything obstructing the electric gates.
Photocell Features:

    For outdoor use
    Double relay with contacts in cascade
    Power supply:12/24 Vdc/Vac
    Dimensions: 105X36X35 mm
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