Faac 391E Master Motor

Faac 391E, Electro-mechanical operator with articulated arm for swing gates up to 2m per leaf

  • - Articulated arm operator.
  • - Length of single-gate leaf 2m (2.5m with electric lock).
  • - Integrated control board.
  • - Easy set up procedure.
  • - The 391 operator is available in master and slave versions. The 391 E has an integrated electronic control board and the standard 391 is the slave.
  • - It’s easy to install compared to linear types and has an easy set up procedure.
  • - The FAAC 391 electro-mechanical actuator is a practical and economic choice for automating gates on narrow pillars.
  • - It has a good aesthetical design, and is compact with the control board built-in.
  • - Anti-crushing protection is ensured by an electronic device installed on the FAAC control board, which directly controls drive torque. .
  • - The FAAC 391 electro-mechanical device cuts down considerably on maintenance.
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