Jane F 2 Button Remote - 433Mhz Self Learning

Defining quality in gate remotes.
Jane is the new remote made entirely in Italy, soft to touch and extremely easy to clone.
Why choose Jane?
1. Colorful: A range of colours to choose from
2. Soft touch: Pleasant to the touch with a soft rubberised finish.
3. Designed and Made in Italy: Manufactured in Veneto, Italy, by a team of Italian designers
4. Quality Product: Designed to pass certified tests of strength and durability.
Jane - Quality as standard

Replace any of your 433Mhz Fixed code remotes with the new Jane Clone Remote.
Here are a few examples of remotes that are compatible with the Jane:

A3 Metal Finished Remote Control Self Learning 433MhzA6 Metal Finished Remote Control Self Learning 433Mhz
Proteco / Euromatic TX Rolly KeyfobREMOTE CONTROL Self Learning 433Mhz -2 Button


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