Sliding Gate Hardware Kit - Concrete Track

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Select Your Complete Electric Sliding Gate Hardare Kit | Concrete Track

Our sliding gate hardware kits listed below include everything you will need for a manual sliding gate including concrete in track. Couple this with our industry leading sliding automation kits and its never been easier to automate a sliding gate.

Sliding Hardware Kit Contains:           Optional Extras

Choosing the Correct Kit: To find the correct kit there are two steps, firstly you must know the correct opening width. The Electric Gate Shop has already accounted for overhang, so the only measurements you need is the opening between the posts.

Firstly, choose the size opening number from the list:

[1] 1200 - 1750mm Opening
[2] 1750 - 2600mm Opening
[3] 2600 - 3650mm Opening
[4] 3650 - 5500mm Opening
[5] 5500 - 7450mm Opening
[6] 7450 - 8600mm Opening
[7] 8600 - 9500mm Opening

Now, the requirements for your gate:

[A] Everything you will need for a sliding gate, using Concrete in floor track, C Channel and rollers to support the gate.
[C] As kit (A) but the C Channel & C Rollers are replaced with 2 of 40 x 45mm Nylon support rollers.

e.g  A full Sliding Gate Hardware Kit (SGHK - 3A) using concrete in floor track for a gate opening of 2700mm between the posts would be kit (3A)

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