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Roger Technology SMARTY4/HS 36v BRUSHLESS Electric Gate Kit - Double


The Brushless SMARTY 4 industrial motors are the largest electromechanical actuators in the Roger Technology high-speed range. Boasting features such as low voltage & super intensive use, an onboard native encoder, irreversible swing and are suitable for gate leafs up to 4m length!

The HIGH SPEED motor is capable of opening a 4m gate to 90° in just 15-25 seconds.

The SMARTY motors are the ideal replacement for hydraulic motors on large gates, bringing the next generation of an onboard safety features. The Edge 1 control board brings features like separate motor power on open and close, and it will run a magnetic lock straight from the board. 


Click here to download a FREE SMARTY 4 series data sheet:

Kit Contents
E80/TX52R/R Remote Control (x2)
[2] H93 Receiver Card
[3] Aerial / Beacon (Design may vary)
[4] 180° Roger Technology M90 Photocells
[5] SMARTY4 Super Intensive Brushless Motor (x2)
[6] EDGE 1 Digital 36v Control Panel

  • Super Intensive Use: Capable of running non-stop.
  • Twin Heavy Duty Bearings. For swing gates up to 4m per leaf.
  • Safe: The encoder management allows a precise and safe control of slowdown when opening and closing.
  • Practical: Automatic programming, via the learning function of the control unit.
  • Quick: Ease of installation, and startup due to its simple functions.
  • Strong: Features a sturdy aluminium base treated with anti-corrosive paint and a reliable Roger Brushless motor, mounted in dedicated housings and bearings, equipped with a release lever and an easy to operate the lock
  • Convenient: Battery back up available.

Technical Specifications.
Power 230V AC - 50Hz
Power rating 200W
Max thrust 600 - 7000N
Frequency of use Intensive use
Operating temperature -20 C° to 55 C°
Protection level IP 44
Stroke max 370 mm
Manoeuvre speed 1,66 cm/s
Opening time at 90° 15-25 s/90°
Maximum dimension product in mm L1162 x W166 x 137H
Operating cycles per day (opening/closing - 24 hours non-stop) 1000 cycles
Limit switch Mechanical stopper in opening and closing
Always included in the individual product package or kit Kit 3 hinge plates short, to weld.(KT238), 2 mechanical stop (MC782)
Reductor Type Irreversible

NEW! Roger Brushless SMARTY® Encoder
The new encoder for the Smarty series, now available to purchase alongside your kit.    See purchasing options below.