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Pack of 5 Stainless Steel Keypads


Bundle includes x5 Stainless Steel Keypads

When purchasing in bulk the price of each keypad is only £65, a huge saving of 20%.

Stand alone stainless steel keypad, number pad, for use with any gate or access control system.  110 Codes, Ip 66 Rated, Back Lit, Twin relay and available in Aluminium or Stainless Steel.
An easy to integrate highly recommended keypad with a host of features.

Main Features

  • 110 Codes (100 codes relay 1 - 10 codes relay 2)
  • Power Input 12V / 24V AC or DC.
  • Ip 66 Weatherproof rating, with Rain Hood.
  • Back Lit (Blue LED)
  • Aluminium or Stainless Steel Anti Vandal
  • Single or Multi Use.
  • Twin Relay Relay 1 - 5 amp Dry Contact, Normally Open or Closed.  
  • Relay 2 - 1 amp Dry Contact, Normally Open or Closed, with toggle on & off or timed output 0 sec to 999 sec.

Advanced Features

  • Door / Gate auto relock feature.
  • Alarm of Door / Gate forced or left open.
  • Keyactive to switch CCTV, indicator lamp or buzzer.
  • Anti Tamper Alarm.

Also known as:- Digital Codelock, Code Lock, Digi Pad, Access Number Pad or Keypad.

The CL110SS keypad will offer a great easy fitting replacement for the following:-

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