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DEA 230V High Performance Retractable Barrier


LIFT is the range of hydraulic bollards in 230V.

  • 273mm Dia
  • 700mm Stroke
  • 4mm wall

The hydraulic retractable bollard of LIFT range is secure and fast (max. 6 seconds per cycle), and it is available in various models with different options to meet all needs. Features include:
  •     Hot-dip extractable galvanized pipe
  •     Stainless steel model on demand
  •     Collector with patented emergency manual release
  •     Led diffusers on the head
  •     Limit switches in opening and closing
  •     Versions with sensitive head for obstacles detection
  •     Reflecting film with high bright response
  •     Wide range of accessories to complete the installation

**This comes as a kit complete with control panel & Radio Card**