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Protection Wax 400ml


Protection wax for long lasting protection.
Aluminium corrode, protect your investment, one 400ml aerosol per motor box.

Protection Wax
Protection from rust in grooves and on surfaces. It offers long-lasting protection from corrosion, oxidation and dirt. After the wax has dried up, there remains a sticky, plasticine-like, water-repellent film which is almost colourless. Saltwater and heat-resistant (100°C). Packaging: 400ml aerosol.

Application areas
Its excellent flow properties make it also suitable for inaccessible areas. Protection Wax is used for preserving grooves, surfaces and cavities in underground gate automation motors, building machinery, agricultural implements as well as for gadgets employed in household and garden. Its light colour makes it particularly suitable for the protection of grooves that may be seen. It is suitable for both a secondary treatment, such as after an accident, and a first treatment. It is also a preferred means of preserving an engine compartment that has just been cleaned.