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CCE Wireless Safety Edge Transmission


Radio Mobile is a Bi-directional wireless communication system used to manage one or more safety edges. The system is easy to install without any laborious wiring on the moving parts.

The CCE range includes an external transmitter and receiver and also an internal transmitter compatible with the Compact Adjusta Safety Edge.
4 transmitters can be paired to 1 receiver.

  To be used with the CCE Compact Adjusta saftey edges

  • 868 Mhz trasmission frequency.
  • Radio range: 20 mt in open field.
  • Transmitter is single channel, Receiver is dual channel. Link up to Four Wireless Safety Edges to One Radio Rx.
  • 1,5V lithium batteries transmitter power supply.
  • 12/24 V AC/DC power supply on receiver.
  • Beep alert for: self learning, low battery, device activated.
  • Working Temperature Range -10°C +55°C.