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CCE Safety Edge Controller


CCE Scheda Safety Edge Controller

  • Dual Channel electronic board for controlling one or more safety edges.
  • This device is ideal where older gate control panels do not support 8k2 directly or for use where multiple edges make diagnosis difficult.  The edge that is not functioning correctly will indicate with a red LED.
  • Resistive technology (8,2 K Ω) with continuous self-test compliant with standard EN12978.
  • 2 input circuits, 2 output circuits and self test.  More than one edge can be connected to each circuit with series connecting.
  • 2 resistors and connection details included.
Sicurstop Control, Tecnostop Control, Stop Control, Stop Tartaruga Control, Multi Control and Compact Control. CMO.
12-24 V AC/DC power supply.
Compliant with Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE