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VDS ART24 24v Articulated Arm FGS Kit


VDS Art24 Single Kit for small gates in tight situations, this kit is ideal for the single gate which cannot accommodate a ram or underground system.


- Motor body made of diecast aluminium
- Steel and cast iron gears
- Extremely quiet operating
- High performance electric motor
- Manual release lever with key
- Mechanical parts lubricated with lithium grease to aid against corrosion and rust;
- Max open to 120°
- Ideal for installation on large pillars
- Optional battery back-up kit;


Kit Contents:-
[1]   1 x VDS Art24 Motor
[2]   1 x Viro Electric Lock
[3]   1 x Pair Photocells
[4]   1 x Advanced Control Panel
[5]   1 x Wireless Keypad
[6]   2 x Remotes
[7]   1x Antenna

* This kit also has a Battery Backup Kit available to keep your gate running in a power outage.