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207C Control Panel - 12v / 24v Twin Gates


207c Control Panel - for Twin Gates

Single or double gate control panel, 12 or 24Vdc with self-programming

Features: Trimmer to adjust the sensitivity of the motor, the working speed and the speed of the slowdown.
Functions: Automatic reclosing, pedestrian entrance setting, beacon output, beacon output, led lights to diagnose problems on board, 
Box comes complete with external toroidal transformer 220/12 Vac or 220/24 Vac transformer and bracket.

Power Supply 12 o 24Vdc
Dimensions 260 x 210 x 100 mm IP55
Max Output Power 2 x 10A
Stand by Power 100 mA
Max Working time 120 sec. max
Working Temperature -5 +50 °C

A mains filter should be fitted on the supply to the control panel.
It reduces mains interference and prolongs the life of the PCB.