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Solar Power Single Swing Gate Kit


The Maxim farm gate special kit offers very powerful performance. With its class leading motors, 75mm stator and phosphor bronze gearing the Maxim out performs the competition.
*For single gates up to 3.7m/ 300kg
Its reliability has made it our best seller.

Kit Contains:

[1] Maxim Motor (12V) 410mm Stroke
[2] Wireless Keypad Entry
[3] Viro V96 Lock
[4] Aerial
[5] Control Box
[6] Easy Fit Instructions
[7] 2 x Remotes
[8] Pair Of Photocell Beams
[9] Rec. Card

*When ordering please choose the correct hand of motor*

  • On a normal opening inward gate, the handing is done whilst standing inside the property looking out. L/H is a gate hinged from the left hand side when looking from the inside of the property out (usually looking towards the road).* 400 Stroke for up to 3.6m gates, 600 Stroke for up to 4.5m gates
  • 12V DC -  The 12V motor is safer, easier to fit (two wires on the motor), and a  greater duty cycle making it ideal for intensive use.  Do not think the 12V is a weaker option although it has less power it still has more than enough to do the  job.  E.g On  a 12ft / 3.6m gate the mains motor might run at 15% of its available power, where as the 12v might use 30% of its power. 

To create a fully solar powered gate, please combine this kit with The Solar Power Plant

The Electric Gate Shop are committed to providing safe electric gate solutions.  The Gate Safety Guide runs through the hazards, and outlines a code of practice. 

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All automated / electric gate installations need to comply with the European Machinery Directive. A comprehensive guide for this is included with all our kits, and is available to view here.

A mains filter should be fitted on the supply to the control panel.
It reduces mains interference and prolongs the life of the PCB.

If you have wooden gates then we strongly recommend the use of our adjustable bracket set as these commercial grade motors come with standard weld-on brackets.