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JCM Tech Basic + Sliding Gate Panel
  • Operating panel for sliding garage doors for residential and communal use.
  • With gentle opening and closure stoppage (deceleration at end of opening and closure movement).
  • Independent time adjustment for opening/closure.
  • Option switch to gentle stoppage, automatic closure, no reverse on opening and closure by safety contact among others.
  • Pedestrian opening.
  • Status display by ERROR LED.
  • No electric lock.
  • 868 MHz receiver with 15 codes built in (except BASIC+MN S/R).
  • Active input switch. Safety inputs not used do not have to be bridged.
  • Max. motor power 230V/0.75CV (0.55KW) single-phase.
  • Motor power adjustment by potentiometer.
  • 433 or 868 MHz radio card connector.
  • Digital operating time programming.
  • Start, open / close and stop button input.
  • Power ON light indicator.
  • Control inlet status LED.
  • Limit switch connection, independent open/close.
  • Security edge connection, independent open/close.
  • Security contact connection, independent open/close.
  • 24Vac output (max. 300mA).
  • Security element auto-test output.
  • 230Vac, max 100W courtesy light contact (1 second or operating time + 30 seconds).
  • Removable connectors.
  • IP54.
  • Box dimensions: 225 x 195 x 85 mm.


A mains filter should be fitted on the supply to the control panel.
It reduces mains interference and prolongs the life of the PCB.

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Instruction Manual for the JCM Basic+ Control Panel

JCM Basic Plus + Sliding Gate Manual