Audio Intercom Systems

Door / Gate Intercom System - Wired

All the door phones listed here can also be used for standalone operation to operate electric door strikes on pedestrian gates (Viro V90 electric lock), or gate automation or both.  To control the electric gate opening they connect to the switch input in the gate control box (interconnection diagram supplied).

Choosing Your Entry Phone -  Factors To Consider.

Cable Run - Wired, Wireless or GSM (Mobile-sim card)?
Fixed Phone In House Or Cordless Handset?
Aluminum, Plastic Or Stainless Anti Vandal Call Station?
Call Station With Or Without Entry Keypad?
Audio Or Video (Colour Or B&W)?
Mains / Solar Or Battery Powered?
Single, Dual Or Multiple Dwelling?
To Operate Pedestrian Gate or Vehicle Gate Or Both?

Please call us on 01405-785656 to draw on our past experiences, and let us help you to choose the intercom that is right for your particular application.

Audio Intercom Systems

aci farfisa pl12ped profilo door speaker.
ACI Farfisa PL12PED Profilo door speaker.
FROM: £81.91
(Ex £68.26)
aci farfisa pl11ped external door station.
ACI Farfisa PL11PED external door station.
FROM: £78.79
(Ex £65.66)
aci farfisa fp52pl proximity reader.
ACI Farfisa FP52PL Proximity reader.
FROM: £233.00
(Ex £194.17)
aci farfisa fp12-10 proximity key holders for rfid.
ACI Farfisa FP12-10 Proximity key holders for RFID.
FROM: £58.05
(Ex £48.38)
aci farfisa fc52pl keypad for access control.
ACI Farfisa FC52PL Keypad for entry control.
FROM: £102.64
(Ex £85.53)
aci farfisa exhito white handset intercom wall mounted 2 wire.
ACI Farfisa Exhito White handset intercom wall Mounted 2 wire.
FROM: £24.88
(Ex £20.73)
aci farfisa dv4d signal video distributor
ACI Farfisa DV4D Signal video distributor
FROM: £30.07
(Ex £25.06)
aci farfisadv2d signal video distributor.
ACI FarfisaDV2D Signal video distributor.
FROM: £23.84
(Ex £19.87)
aci farfisa external gsm aerial for the farfisa intercoms
ACI Farfisa External GSM Aerial for the Farfisa Intercoms
FROM: £93.60
(Ex £78.00)
aci farfisa 9083 farfisa back box for echos monitor.
ACI Farfisa 9083 Farfisa back box for Echos Monitor.
FROM: £6.21
(Ex £5.18)
aci farfisa 1281 stabilised power supply.
ACI Farfisa 1281 Stabilised power supply.
FROM: £151.69
(Ex £126.41)
aci farfisa 1181e timed power supply.
ACI Farfisa 1181E Timed Power supply.
FROM: £123.12
(Ex £102.60)
aci farfisa four-exchange switcher for automatic switching of two inputs.
ACI Farfisa Four-exchange switcher for automatic switching of two inputs.
FROM: £67.39
(Ex £56.16)
two command input relay unit (12vac-12/24vdc) 3 a din modules. for systems with electronic call.
Two command input relay unit (12Vac-12/24Vdc) 3 A DIN modules. For systems with electronic call.
FROM: £32.13
(Ex £26.78)
farfisa proximity reader with rain cover
Farfisa proximity reader with rain cover
FROM: £154.48
(Ex £128.73)
audio farfisa call point with proximity reader
Audio Farfisa Call Point with Proximity Reader
FROM: £195.00
(Ex £162.50)
single audio call point for farfisa intercom
Single audio call point for Farfisa Intercom
FROM: £78.79
(Ex £65.66)
farfisa additional audio call point with keypad
Farfisa additional audio call point with codelock.
FROM: £185.00
(Ex £154.17)
farfisa echos additional video phone
Farfisa Echos Additional Video Phone
FROM: £258.16
(Ex £215.13)
additional intercom telephone call point for farfisa audio intercoms.
Additional intercom telephone call point for Farfisa audio intercoms.
FROM: £24.88
(Ex £20.73)