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GSM Pro - Switch

GSM Pro Switch automatic gate controller (remote relay over GSM) is used to open gates, lift road barriers or turn on the electronic device remotely over GSM network. Using this device you can also remotely turn on or off the security system.

Calling on the number of the SIM card inserted in GMT RC-01 the system checks if the number of the caller is recorded in the memory. If the number exists in the database, the system rejects the call and turns on the relay for the determined period, opening the gate without charge. If the number of the caller is not recorded (random caller or misdialed), the contacts of the relay are not connected and the gate will not open.


Why choose the GSM Pro ?
• You will be able to open gates or road barriers free of charge - by a short call
• Comes in waterproof box as standard.
• The system can be controlled by up to 200 users and 5 administrators
• User friendly commands / pc programmable /  made in the EU.
Technical specifications

GSM module frequency: 900/1800 MHz 
Supply voltage: 12V DC 1 Amp
Maximum consumed power: 3 W
Dimensions: 90mm x 110mm x 40mm 
Operating temperature range: -20...+55°C
Output1 Relay, 1A/24DC; 0.5A / 125AC

For a long life we recommend to power the unit from a seperate1amp power supply. 

Please note the product above is discontinued.  PLEASE FIND THE ALTERNATIVE BELOW.

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GSM Pro - Switch
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Instruction manual for the E-Gates GSM Pro Switch
E-Gates GSM Pro Switch manual
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