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GIBIDI BA24 LCD Control Panel - 24V AS05590
GiBiDi BA24 24V Control PCB for one or two motors.

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This control panel is for one or two motors 24vdc and provides via the LCD programming display many different functions. Among many features this panel provides anti crushing and slow down.

Technical Specifications
  • Times - Self Learning.
  • Red leds warning of n.c. contacts.
  • Green leds warning of n.o. contacts.
  • Two independent electrical lock outputs.
  • Anti crush.
  • Safety test run before the oprning and closing cycles.
  • Photocell test run before the opening and closing cycles.
  • 2s motor inversion after tripping of safety edges.
  • Digital programming of all functions.
  • Seperate motor work time adjustment.
  • Independent slowdown adjustment for both motors.
  • Adjustable pedestrian timing function.
  • Force adjustment with three modalities with 10 levels for each motor.
  • Decelerations enabling with single or double limit switch.
  • Safety edge input of 8k2 or n.c.
The Gibidi 24vdc motors all work with limit switches thus there is no need for mechanical stops in the ground for 24vdc automation installations. The BA24 operates within guidelines specified in EN12453.


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1471 Gibidi BA24 Control Panel
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